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5 Features I Love: Freshbooks Accounting Software for Freelancers and Small Businesses

When I started my small business I had no idea what a timesuck bookkeeping was. I had a bunch of apps to try and keep myself organized, but all those apps just led to more opportunities for mistakes and unbilled time. I recently switched from Quickbooks to Freshbooks for my bookkeeping and it has changed my work life. It has a bunch of great features that are all in one place and it's allowed me to get rid of the other apps and spend my time doing the part of my business that I love. Here is a list of my five favorite Freshbooks features.

Easy to use interface

Everything in Freshbooks is easy to understand and you don't have to search around to find a feature. It's all right there in your dashboard.

Connect to your bank

You can connect to your bank and Freshbooks automatically imports any transactions. Freshbooks will match transactions to invoices and ask you to confirm. You can also accept invoice payments that are automatically deposited into your bank account.


  • Create invoices that make it easy for your clients to pay with the click of a button.

  • Accept credit cards and bank transfers or manually record checks and cash.

  • Send automatic late payment reminders for your clients.

  • Set up a payment plan that sends an email to a client when their next payment is due.

  • Create recurring invoices that are sent automatically.

Projects Assigned to Clients

Creating projects in Freshbooks allows your clients to see exactly what they are paying for and helps you keep track of everything you've worked on.

Time Tracking

This is my favorite feature. Freelancers know that billing for time worked is always a hassle and it's very easy to shortchange yourself. Time tracking allows you enter time worked on each project and leaves it in your calendar until you bill it to a client. Easily create invoices with descriptions of time worked with as much or as little detail as you would like. This feature not only correctly bills your client for time worked, it provides a calendar so you can see how much time you spend on each project. I use this in conjunction with a timer app on my computer. The timer window always floats on top of all my other windows so I never forget to start or stop.

If you're looking for accounting software, you can get a one month free trial at This is not a sponsored post. I just love this software!


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